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CCTV Sewer Inspection experts


CCTV Drain Inspections has over 15 years of Auckland drainage experience, coupled with the latest CCTV drainage technology - making us the best option for getting the job done right first time!


No job too big or small - from small residential drain unblocking and CCTV drain inspections, to large commercial drain surveys and repairs, CCTV Drain Inspections has the experience, know how and latest CCTV technology to insure your job is done to the highest standard and at a reasonable cost.


A CCTV drain inspection involves putting our high tech CCTV drain camera down your sewer drain or storm water to locate the problem or to make plans for the work needed.


Having a CCTV drain inspection done can save you money- making sure you have all the information in front of you before making any decisions, or to apply for necessary Council consents. CCTV Drain Inspections can identify the problem before we begin.


The Auckland City Council may require you to submit a CCTV camera inspection report before you undertake such work as installing a pool, making renovations, or doing other work on your property. They may also request log sheets of all drainage on the property, so they can assess the condition of the existing drainage before you commence.


Our CCTV drain inspections will provide you with all of the data you require to manage such Council consents and set off on the right foot- potentially saving you thousands of dollars.


CCTV Drain Inspections will asses the structural integrity of both new and existing drainage and sewerage pipes, using high resolution CCTV drain images from the best CCTV drain equipment on the market.


Our CCTV drainage reports can be supplied in a range of formats to suit your requirements, from digital video to pdf's.


CCTV drainage inspections can save you thousands on plumber or drain layer costs as we locate the issues first, before  you start digging.

Get your drain inspected with the latest high tech CCTV drainage equipment on the market.


Full drainage & sewerage inspections and comprehensive reports for Watercare - Works over approval process.


CCTV Drain Inspections has the latest Drainage CCTV equipment for inspecting your drains & sewers. Don't risk spending thousands digging holes in the wrong places- we will survey all damage and all underground layouts to make sure the problem is fully diagnosed before you begin- so you know the work you get done is what you need.

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Contact CCTV Drain Inspections to book your drainage inspection today!


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Watercare - Works over approval process.


The Auckland City Council requires you obtain approval for any construction works or excavations close to Water Care's networks.


You will need to provide:

- CCTV inspection log sheets and DVD of the wastewater main worked over.

- Engineering foundation and bridge plan.

- Drainage plan showing the location of the water and wastewater network in the vacinity of the development or activity.


CCTV Drain Inspections are a qualified Watercare CCTV drainage report provider, having completed Watercare’s health and safety induction. We can provide you with the above reports in an efficient and cost effective manner.

(More info on Watercare requirements here)

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